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lets take this journey together, what do you say?

Let's do a little fine-tuning shall we?

Many people need some financial tweaking

Why not let someone else
do the work
so that you can
always maintain clean hands?

We simply make an offer that includes


and we deliver, giving you the keys which places you in control.

We simply make an offer that includes


Most people do not realize, that they have the right to create private securities,
so long as they have collateral backing the securities, and there must be an assignment
associated with the securities creation, such as from a sole proprietor acting as a corporation,
to a natural person and/or trust and/or estate, click on the black button at the top right corner
of this page to learn more:.


The Official Site

Our Current PROGRAM- THE DEBT Acknowledgment Program   

Assistance in the gaining control of their decedent's estate, filing service payment, ESTATE link

We are a private organization, operating under a Private Trust for the Private Interest of our Private Members, please keep this to yourselves.

Every element in building a strategy is very important

We have recently completed the SatPac program Offering's, and we're getting ready to Launch our new SATCOMM MORTGAGE CANCELLATION PROGRAM, or the S.M.C.

The law as defined in statute is the foundation for the New Deal establishment of 1933. That is March 9, 1933 act which amended the Federal Reserve act section 401 subsection 18 paragraph 6 which is verified in the Cong. Rec. which can be found here in a complete package. We'll have more information soon, please stay tuned....

THERE ARE A LOT OF ORGANIZATIONS THAT OFFER private securities for its members, here at SATCOMM OUR MEMBERS RECEIVE NOT ONLY THE BENEFITS OF A SECURITY back carryforward credits, they also receive their own private trust instrument coupled with an interest.

The UNITED STATES Treasury Department HAS DOCUMENTED over the last several decades their activity and borrowing money from the citizens of the States of the UNITED STATES, creating trust agreements in order to accomplish this feat. THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has continuously documented the misappropriation, mishandling, and the absolute unaccountability associated with their duty of trust to which they owe to the American people, the citizens of the several States a duty of care.

Analyze Competitors


Please be wary of copycats  AND MISINFORMATION placed on several sites AS IF it is from an official source. There will be sites that claim that it is impossible for a private organization to create private securities, and then to establish value for those securities. For more information as to the rights of companies to create private securities please refer to the following link PRIVATE SECURITIES

Setting Priorities Correctly

Here at the SATCOMM organization is our duty to take on 70% of the risk. Unlike other organizations we do not pass the other 30% of the risk to our clients, or the law permits and allows us to write off any and all bad investments and are bad debts either during the fiscal quarter, a fiscal season, and/or fiscal year- write offs

Use The Best Tools

This website does not contain an extensive list of what a securities is, what a write off is, what a carryover and/or carryforward tax credit is or is not. No we leave it up to the individual investors to do their own personal research into the laws, history, and proper procedure for dealing in such matters. It is our duty as an organization to remain completely honest  and upfront with our clients as to every aspect of the process, for more information please continue reading...

Build your strategy

We are here to help you to build your own strategy, to build your own portfolios. We will provide you with several tools for you to create your own securities, your own contracts, which you have every right under common law provisions of the Constitution for the United States of America, International common-law, International finance law and the right to engage in private transactions under the absolute "Right to Contract Clause". What you can do at this point is create an agreement which will contain an arbitration clause, and under the law of contracts, if you have a prior agreement with another party and/or organization, and they make an attempt to change the terms of that agreement, and they send you a notice of their change of terms of the agreement and expressed that you have a certain period in which to opt out and/or reject that agreement, the agreement that you will receive a copy of by clicking on the next link, will allow you to conditionally accept their terms, under alternative terms and conditions. We are not the authors of these agreements as their only contract templates, the details of the contracts are for each separate individual to assume responsibility. Once you place your information in that contractual agreement, it becomes a unique contractual agreement upon notice to the other party and their acceptance of the terms of that agreement via conduct, acts, actions, inactions, forbearances, and/or performances. To find out more information about performance agreements you may visit the following information- PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT

We have a lot of experience

We have quite a bit of experience, and have had $2.3 Trillion in carryforward credits assigned to our interests to secure and backup our security agreements. We are not looking to disrupt the economic structure and or scheme of any organization, country, financial institution and or private party. Our aim is solely with the interest of our partners only refer to as clients whom are in actuality investors. As you can see by the associated link, this process is recognized around the world, and we are attempting to do our part in helping to bring down the debts associated with our members with reference to the national documented that and their burden on society, by helping to perform a common law right of offset respecting the aforementioned debt. For more information  on the common law right of offset please visit the following locations- COMMON LAW RIGHT OF OFF-SET

Every element in building a strategy is very important

Here had Satcomm we do firmly believe that a solid investment strategy is 100% necessary, which is why in the near future we will be accepting as a form of transactional communication crypto currencies. We have created our own private currency known as "Grant funds", what are grant funds?

"Grant Funds" are the funds created by the carryover and/or carryforward credits received as a result of the bona fide and legitimate charge-offs associated with the common-law right of set-off. how does a charge-off and/or a carryforward credit work? Please visit the following link for more information on-charge-offs and carryforward credits


What we first have to do was to ensure that there was a market for our securities.we created interest, we created anticipation, and it was agencies and other organizations who created  the capital by means of their willful default with respects to the legitimate contractual agreements that have been adjudicated by the American court system. 

Performance agreements have been held is valid, binding, legal, irrevocable, and wholly enforceable, in fact Congress when they enacted the Federal Arbitration Act they did so implementing such provisions in sections 1 and 2 of title 9 USC


The American court system has held that a contract is an agreement between two or more parties, and that a change in terms of agreement clause contract may only be had by parties who have had a prior relationship.that a contract must be doable and workable, that the parties must be of consenting age, that the parties must have knowledge of the agreement,  must have an opportunity to opt out of an agreement which contains an arbitration clause which is governed by the Federal arbitration act and arbitration at common-law, and must have an expiration date. 17 different contracts meeting this criteria having been produced under the principles of the law of contracts, and to the present day not being contested, allows the debt after 180 days of attempts to collect to be charged off, and at the end of that calendar year be charged off and receive a credit in the form of a carryforward and/or carryover offset  credit,

We will help your strategy get better

Under IRS topic 453, the federal government has made it abundantly clear that the common citizen has the every right to write-off their private debts. "If someone owes you money that you can't collect, you may have a bad debt. For a discussion of what constitutes a valid debt, refer to Publication 550, Investment Income and Expenses and Publication 535, Business Expenses. Generally, to deduct a bad debt, you must have previously included the amount in your income or loaned out your cash. If you're a cash method taxpayer (most individuals are), you generally can't take a bad debt deduction for unpaid salaries, wages, rents, fees, interests, dividends, and similar items. For a bad debt, you must show that at the time of the transaction you intended to make a loan and not a gift. If you lend money to a relative or friend with the understanding the relative or friend may not repay it, you must consider it as a gift and not as a loan, and you may not deduct it as a bad debt." How does a person document this? Normally on a schedule C or other tax scheduling form  for making such statements and or on their own private ledgers, as mentioned many states citizens loan the money to the federal government and their respective states, and it has been held that these agencies have mishandled, misallocated, misappropriated, mismanaged, and even lost trillions of dollars, estimated to be $91 trillion since 2001.

             We are not advocating individuals making a run on government to receive their monies back, that was loaned in trust, the fact is the government borrows money from the people, and they have been unable to account for trillions of dollars, the people have the right to offset, as the people are being held liable for the losses of government respecting the national debt. We don't have a solution for that, we wish we did, however we are doing our part to help our members offset their debts with the use of existing statutes, laws, tax credits, and the change in the policy of extending the viability of tax credits indefinitely. If a carryover and/or carryforward tax credit can be utilized to offset a parties tax liabilities, the net means that tax credits and/or carryover and/or carryforward tax credits have a value and that value is equal to dollar for dollar- i.e. under law legal tender


Were just an organization that deals in private securities, that is why our name is the "SECURITIES ACQUISITION TRUST COMMISSION". we are a private organization, a private entity, we do not handle and/or deal in publicly traded securities.

What is a security?

 Securities are not complicated, understanding what a security is doesn't take a genius to understand, however, it is also not something for a novice individual to assume after reading web links, and a page from a website, that they will have a full understanding.

We are here to let you know that we've done the legwork, but we are not here to keep the information from you. How we operate as an organization is readily known and available to any and all free of charge, however, not here, what we have done is we've provided a starting point for you to do the research and to discover for yourself what a security is, how securities are created, and how securities relates to the securities laws of the 1930s.

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