SAT-Fire NewsLeTTer #04.2018
April 2018

I heard that you guys help repair

people’s credit is this true?

 A lot of people have the misconception....

Understanding the difference between correcting the invalid information on a person’s public credit profile which affects their public image, and which has a direct bearing on their reputation.

'involved in a court caseinvolved in a court case'

The law and statute knows the difference between repairing something and correcting something for instance if a person was involved in a court case and they wanted to correct the errors made by a judicial officer they would file what’s known as a writ of error Coram Nobis.

The writ of coram nobis...

The writ of coram nobis (also known as writ of error coram nobis, writ of coram vobis, or writ of error coram vobis) is the name of a legal order allowing a court to correct its original judgment upon discovery of a fundamental error which did not appear in the records of the original judgement’s proceedings and would have prevented the judgment.

'he made a few corrections!'

There is a legal definition for:
Correction - a change that rectifies an error or inaccuracy.
"he made a few corrections to my homework”,  and
another one for:
Repair - the action of fixing or mending something.

"the truck was beyond repair”

The two words are not mutually interchangeable!

As you can see the two words are not mutually interchangeable, to correct something means that there was an error, to repair something means that there was damage, which is why the law requires individuals who go to credit repair organizations to be offered some form of credit counseling, because it is presumed that the individual is the one who caused the damage and needs help to amend or repair the damage. Whereas credit corrections deals, specifically with the errors that are reported on individual’s credit report as a result of the failure to validate the reported information in the first instance. SATCOMM seeks to do this for its clients.

SATCOMM does not aid anyone to intentionally lie and/or mislead any party!

SATCOMM does not aid anyone to intentionally lie and/or mislead any party and/or person, and/or organization, and or agency. Which is why there is an intake interview for each person who participates in this process.

The items that can be corrected on a person’s credit profile

The items that can be corrected on a person’s credit profile are those that were done by unauthorized accounts, items reported as debt obligations that are greater than seven years old, whereby no current contract and/or payment program exist.

Can I have my credit corrected if I just purchased an automobile and don’t want to pay the payments or the insurance anymore? That is a very good question and the answer to the question is No!

The reporting of credit on an individual’s credit profile is an administrative or equitable process, and it is un-equitable, as well is unethical for anyone to create an obligation whereby they knowingly and intentionally entered into that obligation with no intent of fulfilling their portion of the obligation.

Are there any other services that SATCOMM offers other than what’s mentioned here and on your website?
The answer to that question is at the current time all of our programs and services are listed on the website, please visit, select the programs tab for a list of the programs and services offered at SATCOMM. 

Some issues that have come up as of late...

Some have wondered why?

I sent an email to SATCOMM and asked a question that was not included in your programs and services, how come I did not get a response?
We are sorry to hear that you communicated with SATCOMM via their website and did not get a response, however, please note that we respond to all emails, and so there is a possibility that your email did not come through our system.

We respond to emails even if the email does not deal with the services and programs and or policies and/or procedures associated with SATCOMM.
We ask that each person visit our frequently asked questions section and preview our short tutorial videos that will answer many more questions and provide more information as to the services, programs, and or policies and procedures of SATCOMM.

Many people are under the impression that the services we offer can be accomplished within a year or two, this is not the case when dealing with securities. Most securities for instance, mortgage-backed securities, the actual investor has to wait years before they can cash in on their investment, although this is the norm, we are trying to change things.
For instance, the largest investment thus far by a party has been $980, and we are planning on funding that investment by more than $5000 guaranteed after maturity of the security. Now we say at least, because we are trying to put together a plan whereby we invest into other securities and recoup the benefits of those securities as provided by law. Other companies are doing the exact same thing, but they are keeping the benefits, because they are greedy. we know that doesn't sound like a Technical term, but it is the generic word for unjust enrichment. The system needs to change, we don't have the power to do such, and until it does change, we are going to provide a solution in accordance with and in line with the law.

It has been our aim from the beginning, to keep our costs low, that's why we monitor any overhead, and staff hours so as to not be a burden on our clients. When doing this, it takes a lot more effort which sometimes affects efficiency, we apologize but such is absolutely necessary so as to keep a close eye on the personal information of our clients. We take the security of our clients information, and the trust that our clients have placed in us extremely seriously, please forgive us for our being overly cautious in this day and age.

We thank you for allowing us the opportunity of presenting Our frequently asked questions forum, and our newsletter as a separate and additional means of communication.


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