The SAT-Fire NewsLeTTer #02.2018
February 2018

Our January and February 2018 editions will be very special editions, they will basically explain all of the services offered here at SATCOMM, it will give a brief rundown of each of the programs, how to navigate the site, and other offerings that you may or may not be aware of. As updates become available and new services and/or programs are offered we will update the information both in the January article on our website and in that month’s current issue of our newsletter, please stay tuned.

We’d like to take this time in advance to thank all of you for your confidence and support of our organization...

We’d like to take this time in advance to thank all of you for your confidence and support of our organization, we really would not be able to express in words how much we appreciate such support.

Please understand that there has been a lot of discussion, a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of hours making sure that your interest comes ahead of ours.

We will do our best

We endeavor to make sure that “the customer is always right”, what we mean by that statement is this: we will do our best to make sure each of our clients have the tools necessary to accomplish the completing of the task assigned with their portion of the agreement with our organization. We will work to resolve any and all matters, issues, problems, and or obstacles.

The rights which is guaranteed in law

We also acknowledge the fact that many of our clients have been looking for remedies for years, we do not promise the ultimate remedy but we do promise that we will follow the law as it applies, and we will file all the necessary documents including filing formal complaints on behalf of organization and on behalf of our clients should any agency deny us the right which is guaranteed in law. 

We thank you once again, for allowing us the opportunity

We will always do this respectfully and in honor as it is our goal to represent your interests and to represent your concerns in the best light possible and we cannot do that if we are not honorable and respectable.
We thank you for allowing us the opportunity of presenting this form as a separate and additional means of communication.


The Baobab tree -

The baobab tree (genus Adansonia) – is native to Madagascar (6 species), Africa (2 species) and Australia (1 species), nine species in all.
Baobabs are pollinated by bats and have the fruit or byproduct that is both sweet and sour at the same time a treat for all the natives to where the species is found. This very same fruit can also be used for making juices even beer to fabric, a very versatile contribution in nature.

The baobab’s, flooding (water accumulation in and around the trunk or base of the tree), lightning strikes, elephants brushing up against or using the tree as a back scratcher, black fungus and drought which is native to each of the lands where the species thrives.
Baobabs due to their large trunks or bases store large accumulations of water, this not only helps the tree during drought season but is also a source of nourishment for animals such as elephants during the dry seasons.
As you can imagine because of this tree being so large, it is the home for many species of animal, insects, rodents, and birds.

If you can imagine more than 50 feet of the conference as recorded by the Guinness book of worlds record, that ends times past these majestic trees were used as shelters, homes, post offices and yes even prisons.

These trees are reported to live for up to 1300 years, if only these trees could talk what stories what they tell?

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