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   What is CREDIT?

Credit Corrections- 2
What is credit? 

Cred·it pronounced-ˈkredət’ , credit is noun as it describes a particular thing. Loosely speaking credit is described as:
1. The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.
"I've got unlimited credit"
2. An entry recording a sum received, listed on the right-hand side or column of an account.
1. Publicly acknowledge someone as a participant in the production of (something published or broadcast).
"the screenplay is credited to one American and two Japanese writers"
synonyms: ascribe, attribute, assign, accredit, chalk up, put down
"the scheme's success can be credited to the team's frugality"
2. Add (an amount of money) to an account.
"this deferred tax can be credited to the profit and loss account"

There are several different forms of credit as mentioned above...

However, this still does not give you an idea of what credit is in the current/present economic system. There are several different forms of credit as mentioned above, our focus is on the credit that is often referred to in the financial arena known as the market.

the Supreme Court of the United States of America:

In 1877 the United States Supreme Court highlighted the differences in credit, and it was from this decision that the current financial world has proceeded to operate, note what was said by the Supreme Court of the United States of America:
95 U.S. 694 (, 24 L.Ed. 540)
One owing a debt may pay it in good coin or legal-tender notes of the United States, as he chooses, unless there is something to the contrary in the obligation out of which the debt arises. A coin dollar is worth no more for the purposes of tender in payment of an ordinary debt than a note dollar. The law has not made the note a standard of value any more than coin. It is true that in the market, as an article of merchandise, one is of greater value than the other; but as money, that is to say, as a medium of exchange, the law knows no difference beteeen them …

... one of the two kinds of money...

...notwithstanding this, it is a contract to pay money, and none the less so because it designates for payment one of the two kinds of money which the law has made a legal tender in discharge of money obligations.
Most people do not realize that in the current market “Credit” has a value, and as determined by the Supreme Court the law (PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION 2039 AND THE MARCH 9, 1933 ACT) has made credit a standard of value, an article of merchandise, a medium of exchange. Because credit can be traded, can be leveraged, can be used as currency, credit is very important.

Marketable credit which is based on your position as grantor...

Then there is the different forms of credit no, most people are aware of what’s referred to as their personal credit, but they are not aware that they have to different forms of personal credit, at least. One of these forms a personal credit is documented and recorded by the credit bureaus, which include Equifax, Experian, and Trans-Union as well as others, this is called consumer credit. Then there is marketable credit which is based on your position as grantor, where you as a citizen of a nation lend your credit to further the enterprise/business ventures of another:
Credit is borrowed money that you can use to purchase goods and services when you need them. You get credit from a credit grantor, whom you agree to pay back the amount you spent, plus applicable finance charges, at an agreed-upon time.


Most people remain confused as to the basic rules of the court

Many people have been asking the question how do I file a motion with the court, how do I answer a complaint. You will find that the court has on their website basic instructions for how to write a complaint, they will then tell you that they are not giving legal advice. Because most people remain confused as to the basic rules of the court, we must say that this is not something to be afraid of, it is not complicated. The most basic thing you must know before going to court is going over the first 4 to 10 rules of the court, for these are the basic procedures for operating in that court. Remember if someone files a complaint against you, you must always respond, you must always respond, you must respond. Despite what you may have been told, your failure to respond, is you are agreeing to everything the other party has claimed in their original complaint, whether you think this is correct or not, that is what the law says. 

So below is the sample information for a basic motion and counterclaim. You don't need to be a lawyer, you don't need to sound like a lawyer, all you have to do is place the facts on the record.  A copy of an actual contractual obligation cna br found HERE

In the (put the name of the court here)
IN AND FOR THE REPUBLIC STATE OF (put the name of the state here)

(Put the name of the party here)


(Put the name of the opposing party here) Case number:

(Put the title of your motion here)

I. Jurisdiction/Venue
0.1.0. The respondents and the petitioner both reside and/or has a place of business and or signed or entered into an agreement within the jurisdiction of this court, making this the proper venue for these proceedings.




0.4.0. PROOF of CLAIM- that on or about (put the approximate date as to the beginning of the incident that started the history of what’s going on, you want to be as simple as possible but what a little detail describing the acts the violations. This section is where you explain the who’s, the what’s, the when’s, the where’s, the why’s)


V. ALLEGATIONS (below is where you will explain what rights were violated, and what you are seeking to have done, for instance if you are seeking them to be sanctioned then you mention the fact that you want them to be sanctioned monetarily punished and or sanctioned by rule as if they are prohibited from doing something in the future)

0.6.0. PROOF of CLAIM- that

0.7.0.PROOF of CLAIM- that

The section below should be given consideration when responding to a lawsuit, and/or initiating a lawsuit. There are other ways for obtaining correction of wrongs then simply going to court, the below information is an alternative remedy cognizable in law.

You will insert this section after doing your research on arbitration into your counterclaim and/or lawsuit, as arbitration is an alternative administrative remedy, which has been recognized by the United States Congress and the executive branch of government as well as the courts, as a viable means of redress.


0.8.0. ADDITIONALLY it is exigent and of consequence for the Undersigned to inform Respondent(s), in accordance with and pursuant to the principles and doctrines of “clean hands” and “good faith,” that by Respondents(s) failure and or refusal to respond and provide the requested and necessary Proof of Claims raised herein above and thereby; and therein, expressing consent and agreement to said facts and as a result of the self-executing agreement, the following is contingent upon their failure to respond in good faith, with specificity, with facts and conclusions of law to each and every averment, condition, and/or claim raised; as they operate in favor of the Undersigned, through “tacit acquiescence,” Respondent(s) NOT ONLY expressly affirm the truth and validity of said facts set, established, and agreed upon between the parties to this Conditional Acceptance for Value and counter offer/claim for Proof of Claim, but Respondent(s); having agreed and consented to Respondent(s) having a duty and obligation to provide the requested and necessary Proof of Claims raised herein above, will create and establish for Respondent(s) an estoppel in this matter(s), and ALL matters relating hereto; and arising necessarily therefrom;


0.9.0. In accordance with and pursuant to this agreement; a contractually (consensual) binding agreement between the parties to this Conditional Acceptance for Value and counter offer/claim for Proof of Claim to include the corporate Government Agency/Department construct(s) whom Respondent(s) represents/serves; as well as, ALL officers, agents, employees, assigns, and the like in service to Respondent(s) will not argue, controvert, oppose, or otherwise protest ANY of the facts already agreed upon by the parties set and established herein; and necessarily and of consequence arising therefrom, in ANY future remedial proceeding(s)/action(s), including binding arbitration and confirmation of the award in the District Court of the United States at any competent court under original jurisdiction, in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act, wherein this Conditional Acceptance for the Value/Agreement/Contract no. ADES-34598776-WEAXPIR-00114782535-45T8© constitutes an agreement of all interested parties in the event of a default and acceptance through silence/failure to respond when a request for summary disposition of any claims or particular issue may be requested and decided by the arbitrator, whereas a designated arbitrator shall be chosen at random, who is licensed and duly authorized, and in the event of non-acceptance of appointment as arbitrator and/or any physical or mental incapacity to act as arbitrator, the Undersigned shall have the authority to select any neutral(s)/arbitrator(s) that qualify pursuant to State and/or Federal laws, and any controversy or claim arising out of or relating in any way to this Agreement or with regard to its formation, interpretation or breach, and any issues of substantive or procedural arbitrability shall be settled by arbitration, and the arbitrator may hear and decide the controversy upon evidence produced although a party who was duly notified of the arbitration proceeding did not appear; that the Undersigned deems necessary to enforce the “good faith” of ALL parties hereto within without respect to venue, jurisdiction, law, and forum the Undersigned deems appropriate.

0.10.0. Further, Respondent(s) agrees the Undersigned can secure damages via Tort Claim and or financial lien on assets, properties held by them or on their behalf for ALL injuries sustained and inflicted upon the Undersigned for the moral wrongs committed against the Undersigned as set, established, agreed and consented to herein by the parties hereto, to include but not limited to: constitutional impermissible misapplication of statute(s)/law(s) in the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause; fraud, conspiracy (two or more involved); trespass of title, property, and the like; and, ALL other known and unknown trespasses and moral wrongs committed through ultra vires act(s) of ALL involved herein; whether by commission or omission. Final amount of damages to be calculated prior to submission of Tort Claim and/or the filing of lien and the perfection of a security interest via a Uniform Commercial Code financing 1 Statement; estimated in excess of TEN (10) Million dollars (USD- or other lawful money or currency generally accepted with or by the financial markets in America), and notice to Respondent(‘s) by invoice. Per Respondent(’s) failure and or refusal to provide the requested and necessary Proof of Claims and thereby; and therein consenting and agreeing to ALL the facts set, established, and agreed upon between the parties hereto, this Conditional Acceptance for Value and counter offer/claim for Proof of Claim becomes the security agreement under commercial law- see the Uniform Commercial Code article 3, 8, and 9.

0.11.0. Should Respondent(s) allow the ten (10) Calendar days or twenty (20) Canendar days total if request was made by signed written application for the additional ten (10) Calendar days to elapse without providing the requested and necessary Proof of Claims, Respondent(s) will go into fault and the Undersigned will cause to be transmitted a Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure and Contest Acceptance to the Respondent(s); wherein, Respondent(s) will be given an additional three (3) days (72 hours) to cure Respondent’s (‘s) fault. Should Respondent(s) fail or otherwise refuse to cure Respondent(‘s) fault, Respondent will be found in default and thereby; and therein, Respondent will have established Respondent(‘s) consent and agreement to the facts contained within this Conditional Acceptance for Value and counter offer/claim for Proof of Claim as said facts operate in favor of the Undersigned; e.g., that the judgment of alleged “court of record” within the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause is VOID AB INITIO for want of subject-matter jurisdiction of said venue; insufficient document (Information) and affidavits in support thereof for want of establishing a claim of debt; want of Relationship with the “source of authority” for said statute(s)/law(s) for want of privity of contract, or contract itself; improperly identified parties to said judgment, as well as said dispute/matter; and, Respondent(s) agrees and consents that Respondent(s) does have a duty and obligation to Undersigned; as well as the corporate Government Department/agency construct(s) Respondent(s) represents/serves, to correct the record in the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause and thereby; and therein, release the indenture (however termed/styled) upon the Undersigned and cause the Undersigned to be restored to liberty, and releasing the Undersigned’s property rights, as well as ALL property held under a storage contract in the “name” of the all-capital-letter “named” Borrower within the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause within the alleged commercially “bonded” warehousing agency d.b.a., for the commercial corporate Government construct d.b.a. the United States, d.b.a. National Banking Association.

0.12.0. The defaulting party will be estopped from maintaining or enforcing the original offer/presentment; i.e., the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause as well as ALL commercial paper (negotiable instruments) therein, within any court or administrative tribunal/unit within any venue, jurisdiction, and forum the Undersigned may deem appropriate to proceed within in the event of ANY and ALL breach(s) of this agreement by Respondent(s) to compel specific performance and or damages arising from injuries there from. The defaulting party will be foreclosed by laches and or estoppel from maintaining or enforcing the original offer/presentment in any mode or manner whatsoever, at any time, within any proceeding/action. Furthermore, the respondents are foreclosed against the enforcement, retaliation, assault, infringement, imprisonment, trespass upon the rights, properties, estate, person whether legal, natural or otherwise of the presenter/petitioner and/or his interest and/or his estate retroactively, at present, post-actively, forever under any circumstances, guise, and or presumption!


0.13.0. Please be advised that in-as-much as the Undersigned has “secured” the “interest” in the “name” of the all-capital-letter “named” Borrower as employed/used upon the face; and within, ALL documents/instruments/records within the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause, to include any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said “name” except the “true name” of the Undersigned as appearing within the Undersigned’s signature block herein below, through a Common-Law Copyright, filed for record within the Office of the Secretary of State, Las Vegas State of Nevada, and, having “perfected said interest” in same through incorporation within a Financing (and all amendments and transcending filings thereto), by reference therein, the Undersigned hereby; and herein, waives the Undersigned’s rights as set, established, and the like therein, and as “perfected” within said Financing Statement acting/operating to “register” said Copyright, to allow for the Respondent(s) to enter the record of the alleged “court of record” within the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause for the SOLE purpose to correct said record and comply with Respondent(‘s) agreed upon duty/obligation to write the “order” and cause same to be transmitted to restore and release the Undersigned, the Undersigned’s corpus, and ALL property currently under a “storage contract” under the Undersigned’s Common-Law Copyrighted trade-name; i.e., the all-capital-letter “named” Borrower within the above referenced alleged Commercial/Civil/Cause, within the alleged commercially “bonded” warehousing agency d.b.a UNITED STATES for the commercial corporate Government. Please take special note, that the copyright is with reference to the name and its direct association and/or correlation to the presenter.

0.14.0. NOTICE: That the arbitrators "must not necessarily judge according to the strict law but as a general rule ought chiefly to consider the principles of practical business" Norske Atlas Insurance Co v London General Insurance Co (1927) 28 Lloyds List Rep 104

• "internationally accepted principles of law governing contractual relations"[ Deutsche Schachtbau v R'As al-Khaimah National Oil Co [1990] 1 AC 295]
• If the contract (valid or otherwise) contains an arbitration clause, then the proper forum to determine whether the contract is void or not, is the arbitration tribunal.[ See Heyman v Darwins Ltd. [1942] AC 356]

0.15.0. As the Undersigned has no desire NOR wish to tie the hands of Respondent(s) in performing Respondent(‘s) agreed upon duty/obligation as set, established, and agreed upon within this Conditional Acceptance for Value and counter offer/claim for Proof of Claim and thereby create/cause a “breach” of said contractually binding agreement on the part of the Respondent(s), Respondent(s) is hereby; and herein, NOTICED that if this waiver of said Copyright is not liberal, NOR extensive enough, to allow for the Respondent(s) to specifically perform all duties/obligations as set, established, and agreed upon within the Conditional Acceptance for Value and counter offer/claim for Proof of Claim: Respondent(s) may; in “good faith” and NOT in fraud of the Undersigned, take all needed and required liberties with said Copyright and this waiver in order to fulfill and accomplish Respondent(‘s) duties/obligations set, established, and agreed upon between the parties to this agreement.

0.16.0. If Respondent(s) has any questions and or concerns regarding said Copyright and or the waiver, Respondent(s) is invited to address such questions and or concerns to the Undersigned in writing, and causing said communiqués to be transmitted to the Undersigned and below named Notary/Third Party. The respondents have acted as if the contract quasi-or otherwise does not place a binding obligation upon their persons, upon their organizations, upon their institutions, upon their job qualifications, and breaching that obligation breaches the contract, for which they cannot address due to the direct conflict of interest. It is as a result of that conflict of interest that binding arbitration shall be instituted.

0.17.0. Your failure to respond, and this would include each of the respondents by their representative, and if represented by the Atty. Gen., such representation must be responsive for each State and/or State organization/department/agency, separately and severally to each of the points of averment, failure to respond to a single point of averment will constitute acquiescence, forfeiture, and a waiver of all rights with respects all of the points raised in this presentment.
0.18.0. NOTICE: In this Conditional Acceptance for Value and counter offer/claim for Proof of Claim(a) the words “include,” “includes,” and “including,” are not limiting; (b) the word “all” includes “any” and the word “any” includes “all”; (c) the word “or” is not exclusive except when used in conjunction with the word “and”; as in, “and/or”; and (d) words and terms (i) in the singular number include the plural, and in the plural, the singular; (ii) in the masculine gender include both feminine and neuter.

0.19.0. This presentment shall constitute a CLAIM against the assets of your institution and is valid upon your failure to comply with the requirement of this agreement and to VALIDATE NOT VERIFY THE COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNTING!

0.20.0. NOTICE: All titles/names/abbreviations of corporate Government juridical constructs, and branches, departments, agencies, bureaus, offices, sub-whatever’s, and the like thereof, include any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said titles/names/abbreviations.

0.21.0. NOTICE: Any and all attempts at providing the requested and necessary Proof of Claims raised herein above; and, requesting the additional ten (10) Calendar days in which to provide same; and, to address any and all questions and concerns to the Undersigned in regards to the Stated Copyright and waiver herein expressed, in any manner other than that provided for herein will be deemed non-responsive.



0.9.0. It is my hope with the aforementioned affirmative defenses as well as request for affirmative relief that the court will do the following: (in this section is where you will explain what you are hoping the court for to do, and then explaining to them that you are bringing this matter as an affidavit attesting to these facts as being accurate on this day (and you put the date)).

The Undersigned extends to the Respondent(s) the Undersigned’s appreciations and thanks for Respondent’s(s) prompt attention, response, production of above Proof(s) of Claim and assistance in this/these matter(s). This presentment is not to be construed as an acceptance and/or application and/or subscription and/or request for license, admittance to any jurisdiction quasi-or otherwise. But shall remain as a direct objection EXCEPTION, and Notice of Exemption respecting the Undersigned, as I formally Revoke and presumed/assumed and or imagined Powers of Attorney respecting my assets/rights/property and or otherwise adversely affecting my interest as determined by my interpretation and no other construing being permitted!
“Pay to the order of (Your Name). Without Recourse”


I hereby certify that I [ ] have mailed; [ ] will mail immediately upon filing; a copy of this document that I have filed with the court. On or about the same day as noted on the stamped filed copy.
Your Name Typed: (and then you sign it)

(you want to use the court form for certificate of service and remember you always want to get your subpoenas the same day as you file your response and or you file your original complaint you get the subpoenas by going to the courts website and downloading the subpoenas first and you fill out the caption (name of parties section) of the subpoenas first you don’t need to fill out any other portion of the subpoenas. If they do tell you that yes you must fill out another part of subpoenas you simply explained to them that this is referred to as a "subpoena in blank" and that the only portions of a subpoena in blank that needs to be filled out is the parties names, and since the case had not yet had a case number that is for the clerks to affix, and the name of the court is already on the subpoena document those are the only things that are required on a subpoena in order to get a clerk of the court issue stamped.

(the reason why you get your subpoenas is because you want to request certain information typically the first thing you want to request is a copy of all of the related paperwork to this matter to this account, to this name, to this particular issue that is held by anyone associated, so you have to address each subpoena to each one of the separate entities is associated with your matter. Then after you have done the subpoena part now parties are being served or you are responding in all parties are being served now you want to do your research on the basic rules of the court).
More to come, stay tuned.....

The Word of the Month is "Nonchalant"                  

The word of the month is Nonchalant pronounced: non.cha.lant, adjective

 having an air of easy unconcern or indifference
 relaxed and calm in a way that shows that you do not care
or are not worried about anything

Word Origin and History for nonchalant
Since “nonchalant” comes ultimately from Latin words meaning “not” and “be warm,” the word is generally associated with remaining calm. The French word nonchalant, which they borrowed around 1734, has the same meaning the English word and was derived in Old French from a verb, “nonchaloir,” which meant “to disregard.” “Nonchaloir” in turn combines the negative “non-” with “chaloir,” which means “to concern” and comes from the Latin calere (“to be warm”). “Unconcerned” is one synonym of “nonchalant,” along with “casual,” “complacent,” and “insouciant.”

apathetic, casual, complacent, disinterested, incurious, indifferent, insensible, insouciant, perfunctory, unconcerned, uncurious, uninterested

Examples of use:
 He was surprisingly nonchalant about winning the award.
 he was nonchalant as he walked into the hearing room to give testimony.
 He has a nonchalant demeanor, as he remained unconcerned about the matter.
 She faced the crowd with the nonchalant ease of an experienced speaker.

concerned, interested 


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