SAT-Fire NewsLeTTer #03.2018
March 2018


That is most certainly an important and reasonable question, who exactly is SATCOMM?

The first thing that we can say is that SATCOMM is an acronym and it stands for the SECURITIES ACQUISITION TRUST COMMISSION, the SECURITIES ACQUISITION TRUST COMMISSION is an organization that has been set up to help individuals acquire access to their securities accounts currently being managed by several different organizations. We operate within the scope of the laws of the United States of America, although we are founded in the Nevis Kitts islands.

What does the Securities Acquisition Trust Commission or SATCOMM do?

What does the Securities Acquisition Trust Commission or SATCOMM do? Most would think that this is a redundant question with respects to the previous paragraph, however, it is not as the two or not respectively directly related. 

A drivers license, ID card, Social Security number

We acquire an individual’s documents, the main security that an individual has is there birth certificate, you cannot acquire drivers license, and ID card, a Social Security number, a bank account, a marriage license, or even enroll or register in any school without having a copy of your birth certificate. 

"birth certificate has no value", Huh?

There are many organizations out there who will tell individuals that their birth certificate has no value, but the agencies who require it as an alternative or secondary identification operate as if it does thus creating the presumption of value.

Is this all SATCOMM provides its clients? 

We take the instrument referred above; and we register that instrument along within affidavit attesting to its authenticity as being the property of the party for who’s name appears on the face of the instrument. We attached a memorialization power of attorney and a collateralization agreement to this instrument thus making a claim on the public record. If it holds true that it has no value, we create value even if it’s only sentimental in nature, and we all know that it is not a sentimental endeavor.

SATCOMM also provides each of our clients a foreign entity account number, or the entity that was created as a result of the transference of the forms offshore. Because this newly created entity is created either in the form of a trust or a foundation, with no employees, we assist our clients in filing what’s known as the Internal Revenue Service form 8832, helping them to obtain tax exempt status. With this newly formed foreign entity they now have a vehicle in which to operate and/or Park their securities, however, we do not advise, and or instruct on how to go about doing this, we only provide the information necessary explaining that this is the purpose for doing so.
Then we help the individual obtain a special vehicle purpose account number whereby we aim to provide lines of credit so as to aid them in participating in commerce in accordance with the established laws as prescribed by the equal protection and due process clauses.*
*This service was offered as part of the SAT-Pak1 package prior to March 2018, it will be reintroduced as a separate package within the coming months, please check our website for updates.


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