SAT-Fire NewsLeTTer #05.2018

May 2018
How can I find happiness?

This will be a four-part series over the course of the next eight months.

It will cover the many different aspects of happiness including what the law defines as an individual's right to pursue happiness. Many people do not think about the fact that they are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, not the right to be happy only to pursue it. Can you find happiness amongst our current environment?

How can I find political happiness?

How can I find financial happiness?

How can I find peace of mind happiness? Does attitude have anything to do with it? Does a stable job, a stable family, a stable income, or the lack of the aforementioned have any bearing on my achieving happiness?

The bookstores are not at any loss...

Since the dawning of time individuals have tried or attempted to determine what happiness is and have made an effort to achieve it. The bookstores are not at any loss for the number of books that tend to purport on how an individual can find happiness, including books by individuals who seem to have achieved a measure of happiness, attempting to explain to others how they did it.

Are you happy?

We are just going to cover the different aspects of happiness, how others may or may not have pursued it or achieved it, and were going to leave you with hopefully the ability to find happiness for yourself. So we ask you at this time are you happy? And has your happiness been long-lasting? We know that you will find this article and series intriguing, so please stay tuned.
Our series on the economy is simply called SATCONOMY, SATCONOMY is designed to help promote insight into the world of commerce, the economy.

“How the economy works” 

Have you ever wondered “How does the economy work?”, “What exactly stimulates the economy?”, “How does supply and demand work?” Often times people don’t really give this a lot of thought when they were in school they heard of things such as ‘supply and demand, and how the more supply the less the demand the less the supply the greater the demand’, but at such young ages individuals didn’t realize they were being for the most part indoctrinated to a system of “market value”.  

We cannot cover all of the intricacies of supply and demand, market value, and the complexities of the economy in one short article, our aim here is to cause you to focus on certain aspects which affect you in your daily lives. So first let us start off with ‘how does the economy work?’


Accelerate the growth of early-stage businesses

Currently in our world the United States dollar is “THE WORLD DEFAULT CURRENCY” (this simply means that all the currencies of the world are based on the US dollar and the principles for which it has been introduced into society), and because of this we are going to start with the economy of the United States, because it’s economy is the foundation of the world’s economy.

The economy works in a fashion such as this...

The economy works in a fashion such as this, we’re going to have three different companies, and two different peoples; the companies will be MANUFACTURER LLC, SUPPLIER LLC, and DISTRIBUTOR LLC, and are peoples are going to be CONSUMER 1, and CONSUMER 2 for simplicity.

The MANUFACTURER LLC, manufactures or produces a product, and he contacts the company or creates the subsidiary company to act as a supplier, SUPPLIER LLC, who now acquires these products from MANUFACTURER LLC, and now hires DISTRIBUTOR LLC, to distribute them to CONSUMER 1 & CONSUMER 2.
But here’s a question, “what if MANUFACTURER LLC, produces a product that no one wishes to buy?”, Or another question is “what if MANUFACTURER LLC, produces too many products, how will MANUFACTURER LLC, deliver products to a market where there are not enough buyers?”

Now you understand “MARKET VALUE”, the products that MANUFACTURE LLC, produces are called materials or marketable’s, and CONSUMER 1 and CONSUMER 2 are the market. Depending on their needs which is not always constant, will determine how much they are willing to pay for MANUFACTURER LLC’s product or merchandise. But there is another equation that must be taken into consideration, and that is how does SUPPLIER LLC and DISTRIBUTOR LLC fit into the whole equation?

WELL, SUPPLIER LLC is hired by MANUFACTURER LLC, to store his merchandise, and SUPPLIER LLC, need someone to place its products in a store or other like location so that CONSUMERS SUCH AS CONSUMER 1 and CONSUMER 2 can have an opportunity of determining whether or not they wish to purchase the merchandise.

'each of these mechanisms are necessary in a market economy'

This requires that MANUFACTURER LLC, must increase the price of the merchandise so that it may be delivered to MARKET/CONSUMER. This is expected, because each of these mechanisms are necessary in a market economy, or for a better recognize phrase “consumer-based economy”, such as that of the United States, and now the “GLOBAL ECONOMY/GLOBAL MARKET”.
What you should know is any time you see the word “MARKET”, associated with the economy you must recognize that it means “The People”, “THE CONSUMER”, and MARKET VALUE, simply means the amount that the “People” are willing to pay for the merchandise.
Again this was only to be a short tutorial and explaining a little bit about how the economy works, and where the different pieces fit that our economics teachers didn’t do so great a job of explaining to us when we were little tikes. 

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