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Everyone’s talking about it, are you?

Everyone is talking about the Sat-Fire Newsletter they are highlighting the fact that it is different than other newsletters that they have viewed in the past. The variety of subjects and substance are highlighted features of the news articles, and as promised the Sat-Fire Newsletter will talk about subjects that will enhance the imagination, improve on substance, but most assuredly will not dictate opinion, and/or direction you should see the information.

For instance, most people watch the news, most people read the news, but very few analyze the news. When gathering information, if a person truly wants to understand the information for what it is, they have to recognize the source from where that information is coming, and then objectively determine whether or not they are getting both sides of the stories. As you may imagine, often times when we watch the news on television, and/or reading in a newspaper, we are only getting one side of the story, for if we were to get the entire story the newscast would go on for hours, the newspaper would be hundreds of pages long. So where do we go to get “the rest of the story” (a late Paul Harvey quote)? Well, we can go to the Internet and we can type in the name and do a word search and see what comes up, but often times its usually individuals giving their opinion and not actually facts about the story for which we are doing an investigation. . 

 The first thing we do is we make sure that our personal opinions, our personal views...

So how do we go about getting to the truth and presenting that information to you via the Sat-Fire Newsletter? The first thing we do is we make sure that our personal opinions, our personal views, whether political, religious or otherwise have no influence on the information presented. Second, we do further research to make sure that our information is current and not based on our own personal knowledge but based on scientific, clinical, historical as well as reliable facts, and not simply conclusions.

why not take a look at our newsletter and review a couple of the articles...

Finally when presenting the article, we know that context means everything, so we make every attempt to presented in a context which will allow the reader to come to their own conclusions and have their own opinion without being swayed by the editor.

If the Sat-Fire Newsletter is not something you’ve been talking about, why not take a look at our newsletter and review a couple of the articles that appears to be of interest to you, and see for yourself



“a newsletter”

A newsletter is exactly as it is called – “a newsletter”. It keeps us informed of new and important news about improvements, additions and beneficial programs/services that are present or in the making. It revives our spirits in knowing that there are many options and opportunities to make our lives simpler with less stressed.

We want our people to feel welcomed...

SATCOMM has its own newsletter, SAT-FIRE, which is coming full force with information in different areas. Whether it is of the BODY, MIND, or SPIRIT/ GROWTH. We want our people to feel welcomed and enthusiastic about the themes and ideas we bring to you.

There articles that take us away from every day stress...

SAT-FIRE will talk about topics that are empowering and helpful. It will give interesting topics of the past and present, inspirational stories that open the world of imagination, and recipes. There are articles that take us away from every day stress and just takes us to a place of peace and enjoyment. That is what we want SAT-FIRE to be to all our viewers. We want you to embrace and savor all we have to offer with our newsletter.


Ladies and gentlemen. We would like to introduce you new and improved SAT-PAKStm. They are back better than ever, offering more opportunities as well as broken down payments suitable for your financial situation. You are welcomed to explore what we have to offer.

You will have the opportunity to choose the option that best suits your needs. Please take note that we do NOT assist with the following at this time:
IRS related issues, Auto Loans, Mortgages, and Public Records. We understand how important it is to gain some financial freedom.

The SAT-PAKStm, will offer the following packages:
SAT-PAK 1xtm, SAT-PAK 2xtm, SAT-PAK 3tm (credit corrections), SAT-PAK PLUStm, SAT-PAK S.T.C, OR & SAT-PAK PRIMEtm. Please check out our programs page of our website, for details on each of the aforementioned programs

"The Rose"

According to fossil evidence the rose has been around for 35 million years. Roses can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere from Mexico to Alaska. Roses are also found in England, the Middle East, North Africa and China.

It is noted that China began cultivation of the rose over 5000 years ago. China introduced the rose to Europe in the late eighteenth century. Roses were used for medicinal purposes, confetti at celebrations, perfumes and in the seventeenth century royalty considered roses and rose water as legal tender.

Roses were often used for barter and for payments. In the 1800’s Josephine the wife of Nepoleon had a collection of roses at “Estate Chateaude Malmaison” near Paris. In 1824 Pierre Joseph Redoute a Botanical illustrator completed a watercolor collection called “Les Rose” (THE ROSE) which is still thought of as one of the finest records of botanical illustration. 


Did you know that The Rosa Flower has some 150 species?

The genus Rosa has some 150 species. Rosa Rugosa a 5 petaled flower with a color range from white to pink to crimson and colorful petals often provides food for birds. Roses can thrived on minimal maintenance and are very resilient, extremely hardy. The Rosa Rugosa is very popular and still for sale today.

Five classes of the Old European garden Roses are Gallita, Damask, Alba, Centifolia and Mosses they are typically known for their fragrant smell and they are extremely cold- hardy. Roses require a minimum of 6hrs of sunlight per day, a fertile soil with 6.0ph to 7.0ph is best for optimum growth, good air circulation along with phosphorus provides a perfect foundation for growth. Although roses are generally require low maintenance they are susceptible to disease and insects. A basic disease control and insect program is recommended which consist of good soil, good drainage, proper spacing and these factors can yield great results when growing and cultivating roses. Roses can survive without a basic pest control program, but they may not be well developed or aesthetically (look very) pleasing.


 ...some of common diseases and insects that may effect the growth and development of a rose...

Lets review some of the common diseases and insects that may effect the growth and proper development of an optimum rose garden. Powdery Mildew, Black Spot and Botrytis Blight are fungal diseases that can be treated with a preventative spray program. Crown Gall is a bacterial disease that there’s no effective treatment for, it is recommend that you remove the plant and not re-plant roses in that area for five years. Aphids is an insect that can be controlled by streaming water onto the plant or use an insecticide (there are natural insecticides available). Japanese Beetles are insect that can be hand removed. Sawfly is a common rose slug that can be controlled by hand removal or insecticidal soap (non-GMO and natural insecticide products are available).

If this article has peaked your interest in obtaining and growing roses or if you are a rose lover and don’t have a green thumb, but would like to have your own rose garden. An excellent way of learning more about growing roses is to contact the experts, there are several rose expert organization online that you can contact (1) Heritage Rose Group (2) The American Rose Society (3)The Heritage Rose Foundation. Research done on this article Credit goes the University of Illinois.

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