...helping to clear up any misunderstanding...

Our goal in providing the following information is to help with any confusion and perhaps the information provided may help clear up any misunderstanding that may be had as a result of misinformation. These are actual questions received through our support email by actual people such as yourself. We wanted to keep this section as authentic as possible so that you can understand that we get it! Many organizations only tend to be generic and non-empathetic to their customers/clients we endeavor not to provide that type of services with any program associated with SATCOMM.

Is my identity protected within SATCOMM? 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SATPAK™ Option 1 and 2.

Please note that these are actual questions from actual communications so the sentence structure may not be pristine, but we wanted to keep it as authentic as possible.

Is my identity protected within SATCOMM?

SATCOMM has layers of security, each of the departments at SATCOMM is compartmentalized, and purposely cordoned off from the other. With regards to the individual documents that are received that is kept at a central location where only one member of the organization has direct contact.

We do not share any information received by any of our clients with any agency, we do not sale people’s information, nor share any of their private information with anyone. Only when appropriate (as used on governmental forms) do we even divulge the individual Social Security number (such as the forms utilized by the Internal Revenue Service), but even in this instance is not without the client's knowledge. the SATCOMM package that suits your needs... 

So to answer the question, yes your documents are safe, your information is safe, and no we do not store it on computers, on the Internet, or any cloud service so there is no issue of any data breach with the organization known as SATCOMM.

I would like get on the program for Birth certificate what do I do?
The first thing you would do is you will go to the program section of our website, there you will find the current programs that is being offered by SATCOMM. Once you are on that page of the site you will select the SATCOMM package that suits your needs, you will do this by selecting add to cart. At this time SATCOMM only accepts payments through PayPal made through our website, through the add to cart button selection, no other form of payment is process by the organization at this time.

I’m having an issue with the printout of the POA, page numbers are printing wrong and some of yellow indents stays. If it is supposed to be removed let me know? Also will you send the shorter POA I heard about it on video and think it may help?
I’m having an issue with the printout of the POA, page numbers are printing wrong and some of yellow indents stays. If it is supposed to be removed let me know? Also will you send the shorter POA I heard about it on video and think it may help? 

Why haven't I received a response from SATCOMM? 

I have Satpak 1 where do I start with the paperwork for you? I hope this isn't a stupid question.

As we all know a stupid question is the question that is not asked, and this was not such a question. The Sat Pak 1, will usually come with an email giving detailed instructions on how to complete the next stages of the process. It will even give you information as to what you can expect to receive to help you in the next stages of the process. It is a daunting task because you are involved in something that you know very little of in reference to the process, and we are here to help, so no question is too stupid, too absurd or too redundant to be responded to here at SATCOM

Why haven't I received a response from SATCOMM?

You haven't received a response because the email that you been communicating with is the improper email, the proper department to communicate with is The email that you have sent items to is not manned at this time; this is the cause for your not receiving a response.

When will the UCC Filing process start?

This is a very important aspect of the process, please review the programs page as we go into a little more detail about the necessity of such a filing, and please be aware that we have trained the staff and their processing these items with very little delay. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for being a valued member of the program...

As you know the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE has several filings dealing with financial statements these would include the UCC1 financial statement, the UCC 3 and each of these come with an addendum. Properly filling out a UCC form is not a matter of just taking a pen and a piece of paper and just marking and checking off boxes. We are currently advising people to watch a professional tutorial on how to properly fill out a UCC form, and to avoid listening to individuals tell you how to fill out such a form.

Here at SATCOMM we will be filing a mass UCC, which will be all inclusive of all of our accounts with all of our clients. This is done so that we can protect your interests as well as help you gain control of your securities. We will keep you informed as to the progress of this stage.

We help to create an administrative record with documentation so that if you need to go into an administrative venue to get an administrative writ of mandamus issued, you will have it documented on several different levels communicating with several different government agencies as to the damage being caused you by such inaccuracies, we assist with that, and have had very good success in this area, we hope that this provides a little bit more information to help you understand CREDIT CORRECTION.

FAQ First Reel

Taking the time to field some of your questions...

Your documents will be returned to you priority mail and a tracking number will be sent to you in an email so that you can track it. Also please be aware that we do not send the staff to check the mail on a daily basis, so if you send a document to us, and it shows that it is waiting for us to pick it up at the post office, please understand and know that we will retrieve the item. Only certain staff members may handle your poor material, because it is confidential legal information, we must enforce our security policies without exception. 

I'm looking to download "discharge debt" and find a sample "money order" to refer to as to how to tender payment correctly. {the following sentence is obscured due to size of the block} Also which download refer to "credit repair" I have been looking but can't find them.

Also which download refer to "credit repair" I have been looking but can't find them, Please note that we do not monitor the PDF section of our site, those items are placed there as a courtesy, if you can't find the item on our site, you will have to do a Google search for the item located. We do not have the staff, nor the staff hours to search for documents for individual persons. As a side note, it is taken three weeks to fix a coding error on our download page, and we still have not corrected as of this day October 30, 2018. Our staff has been working round-the-clock to correct the error, including the last 28 hours straight, updating and redoing the website. So to look for one item or two for one person, it is just not feasible, we appreciate your understanding.

LADIES and GENTLEMEN, We thank youFor the faith that you've placed in our organization, many people are looking for documents and/or wanting to have conversations about subjects that we don't offer, services that we are not actively engaged in. It is disheartening to say the least, that we cannot assist people with all of their worries, all of their concerns, but please know that we are trying, as best we can.

There been some individuals who claim that we are a fraud, saying that we are not providing the services that we promised. So we remind everyone that we promise to get there birth certificate this filed on the County record. We promised to get them a 98 series number, we also got individuals a CPN number, and did a soft registration of the number, however, because of certain technicalities in the law We could not inform the client that the CPN and a 98 series number work hand-in-hand. That if they did their research, they could utilize this legal entity to conduct their commercial business, we wish we could have informed them of that at the time we were offering the service, but our policies, our insurance, and other restrictions prohibited such from happening.

And exactly what is credit correction?

That is a very good question,most people are used to hearing phrases like credit repair service, here at SATCOMM we're not trying to repair something that cannot be fixed, the current way that credit is being maintained and managed in our society is unfixable. Congress itself has had studies to show that more than 80% of the credit reports have more than 90% of inaccurate information, you can't repair inaccurate information you can only correct it, ergo CREDIT CORRECTION.

Please visit our credit corrections page and check out our newsletters as they provide a wealth of information and getting a better understanding of the subject, and thank you for your question. 

Further explanation as to communication with non-clients...

Sometimes questions are asked by those who are not yet clients, which is and has resulted in delays, we are working out solutions for this, please bear with us...


What is expected of you when you receive copies back?

This question is often asked, and we hope that this provides details on the process...

When you receive the file copies back then you can always send them to the county recorder for recordation as an amendment. If they are filed in one county and since all the counties filing requirement are universal, you would be advised to attempt to file your completed copies in the county of your choice with whatever amendments or additions you wish to add, that is a decision you will have to consider and you will have to make without our input.


How long will it take for me to receive my documents back?

Many are anxious, and so they want things to  move along without impediment...

It will take 4 to 6 weeks for us to get the documents back from the County recorder as long as there are no delays and that the County recorder has not requested additional information or adjustments to the documents you sent us, please review your document to make sure everything is correct please do not send us copies of anything such as copies of unrequested documents, and note any official document must be the original with original seal or imprint. 


Can I send more documents,, documents that I want to put on the record?

Although it might be important to you to have certain documents filed, please understand that it is absolutely necessary that you strictly follow the process as directed in our communications, or it could result in your particular communication  and documentation being delayed and/or not filed  as a violation of our agreement and/or policy.

So please know that it is very helpful in the process that you only send the documents we are requesting of you, the problem is many people want people to complete the process their way, we cannot do that here at SATCOMM. The process requires certain information be placed on the record, if you feel that additional information needs to be placed on the record.


Why is it that you don't respond with kinder words, take more time to explain things in further detail?

When the process started, and we offered our services  as an organization, we received  an overwhelming number of emails, unfortunately the majority of the emails that we received and other communication  had nothing to do with the services offered... 

We have a policy of responding to each and every email regardless of the email content. As of November 1, 2018, we will only be responding to emails that deal directly with the services offered by our organization, and we will have a general automated email delivered to those who have questions that are unrelated, so as to speed up the process. (We are not trying to be difficult, what we are attempting to do is to explain that our services has never included augmenting our services to fit the needs of any particular individual, we just do not have the ability of doing that right now. Nor can we separate the process, amend the process, and or customize the process to fit a single individual or group of individual’s needs. Please understand the research has been done, and the laws have been researched that are applicable to this process. If there is something you feel needs to be done in addition you are welcome to pursue that avenue, however, we cannot do that for you at this time, we hope you understand).

SATCOMM we are a Securities Acquisition Trust Commission

The SATPAK 1 securities package includes County Filings, with bonuses which are not included in the price, but offered at no additional charge- UCC initial financing one statement Filing is just one example...


“What Can SATCOMM Do For You?”

“What Can SATCOMM Do For You?”

As goes our Acronym here at SATCOMM we are a Securities Acquisition Trust Commission. We assist our clients in gaining control of their securities as well as improving their financial standing - putting our clients in a better position to operate in the field of finance and business. SATCOMM offers a securities packages called "SATPAK's" in particularly the SatPak1, in which will assist clients in setting up a strong financial base in which they can control, grow, and thrive from.

Where does one begin? It can be an intimidating task for any one individual to go blindly through the entire process of documenting their attainment of the age of majority in order to assume access to their securities.


How SATCOMM helps you

SATCOMM helps by taking on this task for you, creating securities where we increase the value of your investment at our expense initially and then at the expense of other investors if you deem such necessary.

SATCOMM obtains the documents necessary to show an individual’s interest or ownership rights in their securities, and also uses that documentation to create an initial securities. This is followed by correctly filling out and filing these documents with the correct agencies, properly registering with these agencies as required by statutory provisions of law.

The SATPAK 1 securities package includes Memorialization of the Birth Certificate, County Filings, with bonuses which are not included in the price, but offered at no additional charge- UCC initial financing one statement Filings, Fed Record Filings, the setup of our client’s Foreign Tax-Exempt Entity, Foundational Trust Security Incorporation, and so much more. 

FAQ Second Reel

Hoping to answer as many common questions as possible....

I am trying to complete my package.

Currently at SATCOMM we have a 48 hour turnaround response time for responding to inquiries, and since October 17, 2017 we have made it our aim to respond to every single inquiry within a 30 hour period, sometimes often immediately. All of the inquiries made here at SATCOMM by our interested guests are important to us as we know that it is important to those who are making the inquiry. We know that people are lacking a lot of information, so sometimes their comments and/or questions have to do with the information they have seen on the Internet, despite that information not being directly related to SATCOMM we still make it our priority to respond to those emails would do diligence and care for the person's feelings, understanding their intent and their need for answers. Now, although we cannot answer every question, we do the best we can to respond in a fashion that is not only professional but respectful, because that is what we are striving to maintain here as an organization.

I have tried to get correct address for sending needed info by mail, to get information, a response has not been received, I mailed it sometime ago and now it's sit at post offices from what tracking indicates and still haven't received a response in regards to it.

This was an actual inquiry from one of our clients as it turns out emailed out his package on the 16th, and it was not due to arrive until the 20th, which was a Saturday, our staff does not work weekends or holidays and so the mailed package was probably picked up that Monday, we brought this to the client's attention and the client assured us that there was a misunderstanding, they were just concerned about their documents.

Ladies and gentlemen it is very important that everyone understands that we take pride in what we do, and that your securities are important to us, they're not just documents they are valuables, and we treat them as such.

Also it is to be noted that the address at Washington state is not the address to communicate complaints or legal matters is outside the scope of the SetPak Program, you will have to contact the registered agent out of Nevis Department of corporations for that.

If You are not aware DBA is "doing Business As", which is an unofficial name for a business a nick name.

As non-reporting, do it last name, first, middle, and for research check out the download section on the website. As a simple disclaimer, please keep in mind that the documents at the website are not
productions of our organization, they are from various venues around the Internet and elsewhere that we've taken and placed in one central location for the benefit of everyone, so please be responsible with the information by doing as much research as possible to assure your information is as accurate and is as up to date as possible. 

The next step in the process of gaining control of one’s securities is that of creating a fictitious Corporation under the all capitalized name i.e. state agency (ENTITY- there are of two kinds of legal entities and or Personhood’s, human and non-human: natural persons (also called physical persons) and juridical persons (also called juridic, juristic, artificial, legal, or fictitious persons, Latin: persona ficta), which are other entities (such as corporations) that are treated in law as if they were persons.)) In the format of last name first, first name, then middle name (with no dashes, puncuations, and/or other symbols). States like Florida allow you to do a fictitious name filing online, it takes three days for to be process and they will notify you of the filing. By doing this in the all capitalization NAME you have fully documented that you (your name, and it doesn’t matter the style font the state places your name in, do not let that be of a concern) are the owner of that Corporation.

With that being said, once your certificate of live birth is received back from the county recorder having been successfully recorded, you are documented on the public record as being the owner of that certificate, and per statute having attained the age of majority. The next thing is to create a trust whereby you may protect your assets by gaining control of them.

We assist you with getting a foreign quasi-trust/foundation established so as to start with accomplishing this. Then we have you properly registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as required by statute, supplying you with the proper documentation needed for accomplishing this.

OkayThen at that point we seek to acquire a CUSIP number for your certificate of live birth, and then we seek to monetize that on your behalf securing only a 15% interest on behalf of the organization known as SATCOMM. 

Most Questions are answered here but people are emailing which takes much of our system resources and time...

There are a lot of subjects that we don't cover, it's not that we don't want to cover those subjects, it simply not part of any of the programs that were operating. for instance:


Authenticated Birth Certificates

Authenticated Birth Certificates

However, sending additional documents other than the collateralization agreement and the original birth certificate can delay the process significantly. there have been occasions where individuals have sent us authenticated birth certificates with a great deal of other paperwork, added this may seem like a good idea, but not part of our services, not only does this slow the process down significantly but it increases the cost making the client further liable for the extra cost. It has resulted in the return of the documents, which will result in an extra charge of $45.00 labor and shipping. 


Why don't you all do authenticated birth certificates? 

Why don't you all do authenticated birth certificates?

I have my authenticated birth certificate, I have my 98 series number, I've also registered my estate with such And such And such, and then I went ahead and jump through a couple of hoops and jumped over a couple of buildings, can you help me?

First, it has been thoroughly explained that a birth certificate carries with it, especially if that was issued in the United States, the seal of the state which is proof of full faith and credit, i.e. no need for authentication!

Second, in years past, when individuals were declaring their age of majority and memorializing such an achievement on the County record,, we don't have any record of a single one getting their certificate of live birth authenticated prior to such registration, and there is no statute and/or code associated with the age of majority that require such. Please go and review Minnesota court rule 220, and see if there is any indication as for memorializing the age of majority by way of the authenticated birth certificate?

Most people who have achieved a so-called process by way of authenticating a birth certificate, are doing an extra step that's not part of this process, Our organization is not attempting to re-do what's already been done, We are however, creating securities, that is our goal that is our objective. However, we cannot explain the details and the how's we are going about doing what we do. For with a little bit of information Certain individuals and organizations have attempted to duplicate what we are doing here at SATCOMM, tthis has greatly slow down the process, because they don't have all of the pieces, are contacting the wrong facilities and agencies, which is interfering with the individuals who are doing things correctly. So we cannot help those people who are on a completely different level, on a completely different path, on a completely different course, they will have to speak to the captain of their ship to correct their HEADING…. 

Need to contact us? Simply cllick on the link below...

Keep in mind, we respond to every question, however, due to the large volumes of communications, it can take up to 72 hours to receive a response.

Also if you are a SatPac member, you must utilize the email you received with the affidavit... There are no exceptions.....

Also take special notice, that your question Must be directly related to the services we offer, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we are getting a lot of questions from people that specifically are outside the scope of our organization and the services provided.

Address for non-registered/legal communication only!

Bonnie Lake Washington

Phone Not in service as we are currently training staff to handle the heavy volume of calls we thank you for your patience!

Office : +1-844-SATCOMM 
Office : +1 (844) 728 26 66


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