Coming soon has been
UPDATED Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Will be updating the November and the December newsletters by December 3, 2018

Will also be updating the  information on the setbacks, and adding new videos to the website, that will go into further detail about the new setback programs. Please stay tuned


Sponsoring a new pro se contract program

This program will be put in place to help individuals create contracts unilateral and otherwise to help offset offers made by others, to sort of even the playing field, please stay tuned.

The support the children program

We will starrt funding this program in  January 2019, however the program will not get its official start until about Marc/April 2019, we will keep you updated.

Revamped credit corrections program

We have spent several months doing further extensive research on credit correction, and will be adding new features to this program including increasing the limits whereby we effectively on credit profiles, we will update you as progress is made.

Creating secured securities

There has been an issue in the United States since 1933 with the creation of the several securities acts, the indentured acts, whereby a security has been defined. we are creating securities, securities that are backed by assets, securities that are traded privately, and will be positioned to be traded publicly, we shall update everyone on this program as time permits.

Exciting things to come

The SATCOMM organization is structuring itself to be an advocate for the lower class. There are no agencies out there whose primary goal is to look out for members of the lower class. We are not interested in becoming  rich off our clients as so manny other organizations rely upon the sweat and tears of their clients, that will never be the case here.
We aim to provide more substance, more value, and more of our assets in exchange for very little on a part of our clients, read our programs page if you do not think this is so.

We specialized in

Securities, debt, finances, assets, contract, and networking to bring about a better environment for our fellow man and woman. It is our goal to operate in honesty, integrity, providing quality as well as reliability, it has not always been easy to bring about transparency, but we are doing the very best we can. Despite the difficulties of other individuals trying or attempting to duplicate what our organization does, to make a fast buck, we shall strive to provide every single promise in an efficient a time as possible.

Soon we shall provide trade line services...

Will eventually provide trade line services for those clients who are SatPak members, that are directly related to their securities, interests, assets and properties. We will update you as soon as we implement those programs, please staay tuned.

Incorporation into the foundatioon

Many people have attempted to understand this aspect of things, and needless to say we can't go into too many details at this time due to the legality and liability associated with this. But know that each set pack member including a The satpak 2's, Will be incorporated into the foundation and will be listed as honorary partners. (The sat pak 2 members to a lesser degree, details of this will be revealed soon).