SAT-Fire NewsLeTTer #12.2017
December 2017

Welcome to the first edition of  
the SAT-Fire NewsLeTTer


Our goal in creating this newsletter is to provide updates, commentary, satire, a broad perspective on current events, newsworthy topics, finances, communities, cultures, nature, business, marketing, advertisement, housing, legislation, decisions that affect the individual, the separate groups, and the world.

In providing this information we take no sides, we take no position, we only offer a different perspective. In the future we will provide an opportunity for individuals to post comments within the framework of the newsletter section, please be patient with us as this really and truly is a daunting task.

Because of the complicated nature of all of the topics of conversation listed above, we also say that for the time being the particular articles will not be overly detailed. We do feel that many of the topics that we will be covering in our newsletters will spark debate, however, we ask that you don’t take any of the information to seriously, as it is only a perspective and not intended to be all-encompassing.


What can our viewers look forward to?

There will be a word of the month, tasteful sarcasm, and articles designed to lighten the load. We will endeavor to provide a variety and not focus on a central theme in each newsletter. This is not the norm for a newsletter, as most newsletters have a central theme, we believe that having a central theme is overly suggestive. As you can see if we create the narrative, if we control the entire article so as to focus on one general subject it would not be said to be all-encompassing, don’t you agree? This is why we will be covering so many different subjects in one particular article every month.

Our hope is to give you the opportunity of expanding and broadening your intellectual universe so that you can travel intellectually and never reached the limits of your imagination. We are not attempting to be 100% right but we will be accurate, we will do the research to make sure that the information we provide is backed by fact and not by our opinion. That is to say the articles we select, we select based on topics that are generally being considered by the world community. We will cover issues being discussed in other countries, we will cover foods, cultures, but we will not attempt to shape the narrative, to convince you, to sway you to one side or the other.

We are aware that everyone has an opinion, everyone has a voice, everyone has something to add, however, we cannot respond to communications respecting our newsletters and/or the articles in our newsletters and our support form, please do not respond and/or comment on our newsletters and our support form, the staff who handles the support communications are not associated with the newsletter, and such communication would only hamper our efforts in providing the lowest cost services to our clients.


Capitulate is-
The Word of the Month
Is a verb, and it means to surrender, to give them, to do what someone else is demanding of you. 

Varying ways it may apply-

This can have negative connotations and or can be positive in nature. For instance the husband capitulated to his wife's suggestion, is cooperative and conveys the meaning of willing submission.


Where as "while being held at gunpoint, Mr. Collins had no choice but to do as he was told", carries the notation of involuntary servitude. Capitulate can be used in past present or future tense, examples are he capitulated, he's capitulating or they chose to capitulate.

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