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June 2018

What is happiness?

The pursuit of happiness... 

There has been a great deal of discussion on the issue of the pursuit of happiness, whether or not this is a secured right, and whether or not in a free society one person can tell another person what happiness is or is not.

We must first understand what happiness is

We must first understand what happiness is, in what context it is being referenced, and whether or not another can tell you how to be happy and when you have achieved such happiness.

The definition of happiness in psychology - The World Counts
If happiness is a universal goal, then we need to understand its cause and effect.

...every other country in the world...

Yes happiness is extremely important, so much so that it is recognized by the United Nations and every other country in the world. So once again, what is happiness?

'...why an individual can't make themselves happy...'

What is happiness?

Simply put "happiness is a state of being and not a state of mind"! Which is why an individual can't make themselves happy, which is why happiness cannot be simply a feeling. Either you are happy or you are not! So how can a person find happiness?

May have looked at their lives and realized that for their situation they are better off than most people!

By taking stock of their circumstances, situation, and realizing the uniqueness associated there with. For instance a person may have multiple sclerosis, they may have autism, and yet they may be happier than all of those around them, despite the fact that the individuals around them perceive their lot in life to be misery, despair, misfortune. A person with multiple sclerosis may have looked at their lives and realized that for their situation they are better off than most people, that they have less stress, less worries, less preoccupation with mundane things. A person who has autism may perceive persons without autism to be miserable, they may look at their lives and realize that they have less anxieties than others. 


To achieve happiness one must first take stock of their circumstances...

So, in order for one to achieve happiness they must first take stock of their circumstances, lives, situation and realize that happiness comes when anxiousness is removed. You cannot be worried about tomorrow and be happy today, many will say this is philosophy, this is opinion, so let us explain the truthfulness of the aforementioned statement. A happy person cannot be stressed, anxious about tomorrow, or about a circumstance or about a situation and still remain happy. They can convince themselves that they are happy, they can tell others that they are happy, however true happiness is a state of being, and true happiness cannot exist with worries, stress, anxieties, it simply isn't possible. Which is why true happiness can never be said to be a state of mind, it is a state of being.
Our series on the economy is simply called SATCONOMY, SATCONOMY is designed to help promote insight into the world of commerce, the economy.

“How can I better understand the economy?”

The first thing that we like to express, is that this is not intended to be a history lesson. All of the information presented here in this article is gathered directly from official sources, part of the Congressional record and the federal registry.

On March 3, 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated as President of the United States. On March 5, 1933 Pres. Roosevelt ordered Congress to convene in a special session (see presidential proclamation 2038) notifying them of his presidential declaration of a "national emergency".

On March 6, 1933 Pres. Franklin Roosevelt issued a second executive order declaring a "national banking holiday", whereby any and all banking business was to be suspended for at least (6) Six (24 hour) days. On March 9, 1933 at 12:30 PM at Washington DC the entire Congress and the general assembly for the United States government convened in special session. at 8:30 PM the United States Pres. and the United States Congress had enacted the "NATIONAL EMERGENCY BANKING RELIEF ACT", which made the presidential proclamation of March 6, 1933 declaring a national banking holiday public law and public policy.


Although the presidential proclamation was to end on or about 16 March 1933, the enactment of the act by Congress made such no longer necessary. This act of Congress the "NATIONAL EMERGENCY BANKING RELIEF ACT" otherwise known as the March 9, 1933 act, stood as a national declaration of bankruptcy (the definition of bankruptcy is a declaring of a financial emergency, and seeking the protections afforded by such declaration). Although the Constitution holds that only the Congress of the United States can regulate currency (and as noted above currency and money are not the same thing), the March 9, 1933 act delegated and conferred the power to regulate monies/currencies/the economy to the executive branch of government.

A new currency was created...

Presidential proclamation 2039 the foundation for the national emergency banking relief act, was no law and that law specifically stated that the president as well as the treasury secretary of the United States could regulate banking business. A new currency was created, what has been less understood by many, is that when you are in bankruptcy, you cannot maintain cash on hand without declaring it.

The United States government made all of its citizens exchange their legal money...

So on June 5, 1933 the United States government made all of its citizens exchange their legal money (prior to this the Constitution recognized gold and silver as lawful money), making it a felony for anyone to refuse to do so. 

The new currency of the United State...

The new currency of the United States was now this so-called "emergency script", and it is based upon this new currency that a new medium of exchange was introduced, which is now become the world default currency.  

The new currency, and the markets...

The use which is at this point voluntary, of this new currency, and the markets that have been created as a result of the introduction into the public arena created what we now refer to as the economy. The economy is based on the medium and mode of exchange within the commercial market/arena, and as it exists today this economy is regulated based upon the new currency that was created as a result of the declared "NATIONAL EMERGENCY".

In 1973 the United States Congress formed a special committee to document whether or not there was a need to continue using this "NATIONAL EMERGENCY SCRIPT" (currency). The United States Congress on or about September 4, 1976 enacted the "NATIONAL EMERGENCY ACT", which continued the March 9, 1933 ACT of Congress. John traffic Junior the United States Congressman announced on the congressional floor, that the United States remains and continues in bankruptcy to the present day. In order for the United States to operate in bankruptcy, and still maintain a sense of sovereignty as a nation, it needed a plan and so it offered this plan to the people of the United States in the form of the "NEW DEAL".

Many people have expressed concerns respecting the above referenced information somehow thinking that this new form of currency is illegal. The value and consideration can exist in several forms, and it does not have to consist only of a particular medium, please review our other articles associated with the economy to get a broader understanding and more details concerning the aforementioned information. Also note that we have given dates and names associated with the individuals and the acts enacted by Congress for your personal reference curiosity.


What do we have to offer?

A basic and sound process, and understanding of how things work...

Help! My Credit is Suffering! Can SATCOMM Help?? 

SATPAK™ Option 3 CREDIT CORRECTIONS program may be of some assistance to you.
This is not to be confused with credit repair.

We cannot help you with your current debt!

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looking for administrative remedy?

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How can SATCOMM help?

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Word of the month

  The word of the month is Obfuscate pronounced: äb-fə-ˌskāt; äb-ˈfə-ˌskāt,əb-  
• Used in the form of a verb means to darken
• It can also mean to make obscure to confuse or to be evasive unclear or confusing.
• Cambridge Dictionary ( defines it as “to make something less clear and harder to understand, especially intentionally:
Obfuscate is the third-person singular simple present; obfuscates used in this tense is the present participle; lastly, obfuscating and obfuscated is the simple past and past participle.
Word Origin and History for obfuscate
1530s, is derived from Latin obfuscatus, past participle of obfuscare "to darken," from ob "over" (see ob-) + fuscare "to make dark," from fuscus "dark" (see dusk).
To obscure, confuse, make unclear, blur, muddle, complicate, overcomplicate, muddy, cloud, befog bewilder, mystify, puzzle, perplex, confuse, baffle, confound, bemuse, befuddle, "mere rationalizations to obfuscate rather than clarify the real issue" 

  • Examples of use: 
  • • The contract was filled with legal words meant to obfuscate trusting clients. 
  • • While the teacher did not want to obfuscate the scientific theory, she had to rush through her explanation because the class was ending soon. 
  • Antonyms: 
  • Clarify, clear up, enlighten, explain, explicate, illuminate, reveal;

Obfuscate is the third-person singular simple present; obfuscates used in this tense is the present participle; lastly, obfuscating and obfuscated is the simple past and past participle.

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