The Current PROGRAMS offered by SATCOMM

Updated April 12, 2019

We are sorry about the delay, we are experiencing technical difficulties with our payment system, we hope to have this rectified shortly......        


The Q-Pak

Introducing the Q Pak, as each Snowflake Is indistinct from another so each SatPak is unique in its own right. Please see below for details on this new introduction. This program will start April 30, 2019


Introducing the new Q-Pak, this is a unique package and that it will include every aspect of the original SatPak 1, with the exception of being included in the asset-backed pool fund. The power of attorney for this group will include an arbitration agreement, and an express trust specific language section, we will also provide instructions as to the possibilities for the use of such features.

SATCOMM, has a wide selection of services and featured programs that it offers, please view below for detailed information respecting each program and the benefits of assignments associated with each of the specific program.

Many people have been wondering, what is the SATPAK 1 and 2 programs? We've Remodeled the SAT-PAK 1 & 2 PROGRAMS AND We've added The SAT-PAK PLUS (AND The SAT-PAK PRIME
 PACKAGE Our most superior and valued package yet), will be added SHORTLY.

The SAT-PAK 1x
 & SAT-PAK 2x PROGRAMS have additions to their packages, which include the support of the package with an escrow program, where we will take our own funds, place them in an escrow account, increasing the value of each package. We are currently working out the logistics, to make sure that the packages we offer will Maintain a guaranteed value, and allowing for things such as early buyouts, the opportunity and ability to increase the value of the individual pack, and more. The SAT-PAK PLUS & PRIME PROGRAMS will offer the features of the SAT-PAK 1 & 2 PROGRAMS, but their value will be greatly increased, this will include the escrow package guaranteeing the value of the SAT-PAK.  As of current the Sat-Pak 1x and 2x are preserved for those who took advantage of those packages.

We apologize for the delay were having some technical difficulties with our payment system, we hope to have this rectified soon- updated on April 12, 2019

Basic/Standard Q-Pak™


 program offer begins on April 30, 2019 We are truly sorry for the delay

This Pak includes an arbitration agreement. With the many different attempts to change the arbitration act, to block individuals from taking advantage of their right to arbitration, the time is now.
    This particular Pak include 1. Power of Attorney, 2. Notification of attaining the age of the Majority 3. Disaffirmation of all contracts made during infancy, 4. Individuals non-taxpayer status as well as a express trust agreement 5. A statement from the Arbitrator that the Party has attained the Age of The Majority, triggering to right to the securities Held in the Minor Account.

    This pack will also include 6. Foreign Corporation Employer Identification number, 7. Uniform Commercial Code financing one statement filing, and inclusion into the SATCOMM FOUNDATIONAL trust agreement.

Sat-Pak PRIME™


 Program offer will Begin July 1, 2019

This program will be available soon, and its features will be posted here for review.

$ The cost of this program will be available soon
Sat-Pak Prime™ 
  • As with our prior programs we are looking to ensure this particular SatPak to protect against loss, we will update as necessary.

Sat-Pak PLUS™

Sat-Pak PLUS™

For 250 members Program offer will begin May. 31, 2019

$ 2,800.00
 w/ possibility to upgrade to Sat-Pak PRIME™
  • Insured up to: $25,000
  • FUNDED: $7,500,000.00 asset backed pool... (the timeframe begins for each member of this group November 15, 2018 until the term ending date of 52 - 102 months, Adjusted according to initial application date.
  • Term: 52 months
  • to
  • Term: 102 months

We wish to thank everyone for the interest...

We'd like to take this time to thank everyone for the interest that they have shown in the SATCOMM SATPAK 1 & 2 programs, the purpose of these items was to create SECURITIES whereby we applied value, then prepared the necessary documentation for bonding that value, and then turning over control of the item for which we have created the value to the actual member who purchased the product. On September 29, 2018 the programs were locked out securing the benefits and the value for the members of that program. We are attempting to place the items in a position whereby they will be available for trade on the markets, giving the individual the right to make such a determination respecting their securities, and thus the value associated with that security will be under their control within the limits of the program. The organization SATCOMM, otherwise known as THE SECURITIES ACQUISITION TRUST COMMISSION, is in place to help individuals gain control of the securities held in their account. We are achieving that goal, the goal of giving individuals greater control, and the ability of determining how to market their own assets. Many people have misunderstood through rumors, innuendos, assumptions, presumptions that SECURITIES are only created on the stock market and can only be traded on the stock market, this simply isn't so. 

********* Due to certain guidelines, policies, restrictions, and statutory regulations, only one SatPak per person is permitted. We do not offer this program to businesses, firms, organizations, and/or corporations. We do not solicit nor do we allow third-party distribution of our packages!!! *******

Sat-Pak 1 & 2™

We have faded out the original Sat-Pak 2™, And have taken the value of the original Sat-Pak's™ and placed such value in our current Sat-Pak 1x™ with all the values of the original Sat-Pak 1™, But have made additions to it. We've also grandfathered all of the individuals who were a part of the original SatPak 2™ program and SatPak 1 programs into the current SatPak 1x™ package. This simply means that they will receive the processing of a DBA at no additional charge, plus the valuation, the insurance asset protection, as well as the current maturity date.

*Suspended for preservation of value. Simply means that the programs Enrollment has been Brought to a completion, and that the program has been preserved with this benefits. The individuals who have reserved a spot, acquired this product will wait for the initial maturity date before they can access its full value. SATCOMM reserves and retains the right to shorten the maturity date (which means that they have the ability of shortening the early maturity and the full maturity dates, but not the ability to extend the maturity dates. Allowing those who acquired the package to receive its benefits at an earlier period).

Sat-Pak 1™ Reintroduction cont...

The original Sat-Pak 2™, has been faded out, and for the members who were and are a part of that program, they will themselves receive additional benefits, but those benefits will be limited in scope, and announced as they are made available to that group, individually and/or directly via our website and or other communication.

Can we buy Sat-Pak 1x™, SatPak 2x™, SatPak PLUS™ in bulk?* The answer to that question is no, the program is only available to individuals, that is why a certified copy of a birth certificate is necessary in order to process their package. If this program were made available to corporations, then it would be unaffordable to the little guy, the individual who lives from paycheck to paycheck, the ones whom we are here to advocate their interests.

In the meantime...

We are pleased to inform you that we will be introducing The Sat-Pak™ PLUS, PRIME, Sat-Pak™ SUPPORT THE CHILD, or Sat-S.T.C.™, Please see the information below as it explains more about the child support payment elimination program soon to be available here through this organization.

Many will no doubt have questions about the funding and the insurance associated with the programs, this is quite simple to explain:

Regarding the funding, as explained on this page we have acquired assets that are valued at greater than $4.8 billion, will be originally backing up each of our Sat-Pak's™ with the funding associated with the assets aforementioned. We will then convert that funding to actual liquid assets or cash, placing it in an account of a reputable and secure financial institution via escrow account whereby we as an organization cannot draw from the funds of that account, so that the value is maintained, and the interests is placed back into the account to help build up the assets and/or liquidity directly associated with that escrow account. And the assets will be insured so as to protect the value of the assets as is common practice.

The Former Sat-Pak 1™ is now Sat-Pak 1x™...

Sat-Pak 1™,  Why the change? ...  

The Sat-Pak 1x™ will have the same features with Only a few exceptions, that exception is it will come without the CPN number.

We will however, add the addition to the Sat-Pak™ 1x of a Guaranteed Asset Back Funding, whereby we create an escrow account, completely out of the control of SATCOMM, and that the organization can never borrow against the Funds/Assets but can only add to the value already incorporated within the account.

Please note, that because we are dealing with the eventual creation of securities, we cannot make promises, as there are security laws that prohibit such, we can only tell you what our plans are as an organization, and or the measures of protection that we are implementing to make sure that the funds are secure. We will be utilizing our own funds and credits as a corporation to fund the escrow accounts, setting a base or foundational value for the particular Sat-Pak’s™.

We are the first and only organization to do this, every other organization that has made an attempt to do anything on this level, has always required that their so-called investors invest large sums of money, what they referred to as working capital. As an organization, we have just acquired 40% of $4.8 billion, we are not looking to do anything other than give back to the community. And as we invest in the community we will utilize our write-off right, to fund our organization. 


What do the Sat-Paks™ include?

That is a very important question, here is a brief overview of each of the packages, those currently available, and those set to be available at a future date:

This package will include a DBA filing, to be utilized with the newly acquired 98 series EIN, insurance Protection, the Asset Back Funding, ABF (this is contingent and limited to the number of members indicated above, to make sure that it is not under-valuated), In addition to the autommatic inclusion in the class action complaint, and more additional features to be added at no extra charge (which we will announce as in the past), with no obligation. Along with inclusion into the foundation and 15% of the award associated with the class action complaint, if monetary damages and/or punitive damage award is received.

This will include everything that was part of the original Pak, with the addition of the DBA, and the partial inclusion into the foundation and 5% of adjustment of the award for the class action complaint, if monetary damages and/or punitive damage award is to be received.

This will include all of the features of the Sat-Pak™ 1 & 2, the only major difference will be the amount of funding, insurance, the bonding of the security, inclusion into the foundation and 30% adjustment of the award for the class action complaint, if monetary damages and/or punitive damage award is ordered and received. The details regarding this particular Pak will be made available as time progresses. 

And this is our penthouse package, it includes everything that's incorporated in the previous packages, plus a greater percentage and value associated with the package. Let's see if we can give you an example, let's say that this SatPak is valued at $100,000 (and secured as well as backed by the funds placed in an escrow account, With a letter of certification and validation as well as the location of the institution holding the account and the funds), and the party pays into the pak, only $7000.00 with a five year early maturity date (with a nominal penalty for early withdrawal), and a 10 year full maturity date, with no penalty, plus interest received, (And the account will have all interests on the amount being maintained by the financial institution to be placed into the account, so that the account works for itself), the party has invested In a security, that has all of the protections necessary to ensure that they will receive at the very least three times the value of their original investment. Now we know that at the amount that we mentioned above, it equates to 12 times the value, but as we stated, security laws prohibit us from making promises of that nature. And again, the Sat-Pak™ Prime packages will not be issued until the funding is in place However, it will also include at no additional charge and/or cost inclusion into the foundation and 40% of the award for the class action complaint, if monetary damages and/or punitive damage award is received.

What can we expect in the way of Communication?

It has taken the greater part of two years to find the right staff who have proven trustworthy, and to set up the right policies and procedures for protecting the files, and personal information of our clients. We take your information and the security of that information very seriously.

Because our aim is to keep the cost as low as possible, SATCOMM has no employees, with the exception of its CEO. Each of the members of SATCOMM are subcontractors, and as subcontractors they are issued grant monies for the services rendered. That simply means that we have not yet acquired the staff to respond to communications via telephone. But as you can see at the very bottom of this page, the telephone communication network is already in place for when we do bring on our staff as we do expect to be providing services in addition to what you see on this page presently and in the future.

So for the present time, we can only respond via our support portal (HERE)


What else does the SatPak have to offer?



Our FlagShip Program includes the following features:


Non-taxpayer POWER OF ATTORNEY/NAME ASSUMPTION/DISAFFIRMATION and Memorialization Birth Certificate filing with the county, as is required by statute when obtaining the age of majority.

Foreign entity EIN Filing (US- Establishing of Foreign Backed Entity)

UCC or Uniformed Commercial Code Filings, to document a security interest in your securities.

DBA Filing
Fed PUBLIC RECORD filing- (see below for more detailed information)

Nevis Foundational Trust Security Incorporation.
This Option also includes notice of Non-Taxpayer Status, the Filing by SATCOMM reps with the appropriate agencies, and more.

There has been some confusion in the past regarding the Sat-Pak™ and what they offer and the services associated with each package, it is hoped that this brief description will help clear up some of the misunderstandings.

What is the Sat-Pak 1x™ intended to do, to accomplish, what is its purpose?

As many people are aware, it is a general understanding that birth certificates can be recorded with the county recorder for memorialization purposes: - https://www.revisor.mn.gov/court_rules/rule.php?type=gp&id=220. There has been a great deal of misunderstanding regarding this particular aspect of a foundational principle of law.

Everyone should understand is that there is a parcel number associated with each birth certificate, all you have to do is contact the County assessor’s office give them the address for the hospital listed on the birth certificate, ask them to give you a copy of the parcel number for that address, then compare that number with the birth certificate number on the actual certificate and you will see the correlation. The aforementioned court rule applies to every court because by law the courts must be uniformed, so the fundamental principle of law is that birth certificates can be filed on the County record for memorialization.

We here at SATCOMM assist clients, consumers with accomplishing this task.

At no additional cost, we assist them in acquiring a foreign entity identification number otherwise known as a 98 series number, we provide the forms associated with the foreign entity organization creation, and filing as a tax exempt agency. This newly created entity can only be utilized to conduct commerce/business, acquire a bank account with a financial institution, however, we do not provide assistance in these areas.  


Jurisdiction- Security Creation - Unique Styles -

Jurisdiction- Security Creation - Unique Styles -

We Are a foreign-based organization, and as such so are our Sat-Pak 1x™ clients we will eventually be incorporating these clients into our foundation whereby they should receive the protections of a foreign status trust. We are set to implement incorporation of each of our Sat-Pak 1™ members into a universal uniform commercial financing one security interest agreement.

Security Creation
Because we are a foreign-based organization, when individuals send their collateralized power of attorney affidavit and agreements to us for processing, we receive it back from the county and process it through our organization which is foreign-based. We will then incorporate that security back into the United States after acquiring a CUSIP number specific for that instrument, and then we will market the item whereby SATCOMM will retain 15% of all accumulated value from the date of initial service.

SATCOMM, will retain 15% of all accumulated value from the date of initial service.

Unique Styles
SATCOMM, will never monetize, seize, control, take advantage of anyone’s securities, we will always notify you in advance of our efforts, and what we do. Individuals can opt-out at any time, however, because we as are a product as well as service based organization, we do not offer refunds past 14 days of initial purchase. If an individual chooses to opt out of the program they will also forgo any right to be a part of the Uniform Commercial Code filing, the foreign Nevis filing, or to receive any benefits from any programs that are added in the future at no additional cost. However, opting out after CUSIP number/Uniform Commercial Code filing/incorporation into the trust has been acquired/established does not create an obligation on the part of SATCOMM, from securing the 15% value in the created security, however, by opting out you will forgo any right to the 85% which SATCOMM will pledge to the United States of America government as a gift.

The particulars regarding the Sat-Pak 1x™ are explained in the welcome package once the Sat-Pak 1x™ has been purchased. There is an email address in that packet, the SatPak client must utilize that email that is only given to them that one time to communicate with the organization from that point forward, this is for the security of their information and their account. We are a compartmentalized organization, so the other email addresses cannot, will not, are not able to communicate with you concerning your package.

Please note that nothing within the acquisition of your acquiring and/or purchasing one of the SatPak's requires that we as an organization explain to you in full details everything we do on the backend, that was never the expectation, never the promise, and it simply cannot happen. How much value the SatPak's will have is not something our staff is authorized to tell individuals at this time, what we can say is that once we do assign a CUSIP number to the SatPak the individual SatPak member will be required to return the SatPak that was sent to them in exchange for the security that was created, once it has been returned then we will ship their security with information concerning its value, its CUSIP (Group) number, and other relevant information at that time.

This is a very stringent process because it deals directly with securities regulations of both The Security Exchange Act and The Trust Indentured Act of 1934, and as such we have had to comply with certain regulations which has caused delays. Then we have had un-scrupulous organizations and individuals attempting to duplicate our programs, without having all of the details as to what we are doing, causing several issues with several government agencies, causing these agencies to scrutinize the communications from everyone to weed-out such novices and their attempt to make a buck, which is a secondary reason why we are no longer in explaining how or what we're doing to complete the process, it is our hope that you understand?

This information applies to the SatPak 1x™ (And SatPlus™ as well as SatPrime™) clients, we will keep you informed when the process is complete, please do not inquire at this time, as it is causing a slowdown having to respond to so many inquiries unnecessarily.
Powerful Freshman package
There is a package for every circumstance, to fit every budget.

Powerful Freshman package

There is a package for every circumstance, to fit every budget


SatPak 1x™ Option

Our Freshman package

• POWER OF ATTORNEY/DIS-AFFIRMATION and Birth Certificate filing with the county
• *DBA filing...
*Included in the Power of Attorney and Affidavit.

Plus the Asset Backed Funding, as well as the other items listed above for this ITEM... and

A foreign employer identification number, and partial incorporation with limited protection within the private foundation. 


Attaining the age of the majority

Disaffirm any known contracts 

Upon attaining the age of the majority an individual must disaffirm any known contracts made while in infancy or in minor hood, this affidavit accomplishes that.

• Birth Certificate filing with the county; not every county recorder is open to filing particular affidavits on the County record, despite the fact that the law requires you to memorialize your attaining the age of majority. We assist in this process, we have worked out a relationship with several county attorneys and the county recorder’s offices to accomplish this task on your behalf.  


Acquiring a foreign entity 


DBA (see: SAT-PAK 1x option for more info), We here at SATCOMM assist clients, consumers with accomplishing this task.
At no additional cost, we assist them in acquiring a foreign entity identification number otherwise known as a 98 series number, we provide the forms associated with the foreign entity organization creation this newly created entity can only use to conduct business.


Once an individual receives their filing documenting 

The creation of this newly formed entity

There were times in the past where we assisted individuals with doing a name change, however, because the name change process is already a part of local court, information on doing this can be obtained at those sources.

• Once an individual receives their filing documenting the creation of this newly formed entity, they can Obtain a CPN and start conducting all of their commercial business in transactions through that entity, however, you have to do your own research and homework. 

The program everyone's been waiting for:

Need help with child support?

Most people do not understand child support:

Most people do not understand child support:
In the United States, the government assumes total ownership of all of the people and their properties (please review the Congressional record for the March 9, 1933 act of that same date). This is precisely why all children are considered wards of the court//state, minors, infants, juveniles.

You cannot hide from the obligation:

But you say, this is my child, I am The child's parent, I am responsible for the welfare of my child! And you are right, you are 100%, absolutely correct in that understanding.

Well, the SATCOMM organization has worked out a child support program, whereby we help Parents who have every intention on supporting their Children, to Eliminate that debt by paying the balance on their behalf. 

Address for non-registered/legal communication only!

Bonnie Lake Washington

Phone Not in service as we are currently training staff to handle the heavy volume of calls we thank you for your patience!

Office : +1-844-SATCOMM 
Office : +1 (844) 728 26 66



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