SATCOMM's Support Department

Have a question regarding SATCOMM's products and services? We ask that you visit our frequently asked questions page where there is a list of responses to questions and have been asked by our clients in the past. We must apologize, but we can only respond to questions that deal specifically with SATCOMM related products and services. If the answer to your question cannot be found in our frequently asked questions page, please email us by utilizing the form below.

We can only handle issues that deal specifically with SATCOMM related matters, we hope you understand?

No matter how hard we try, we just won't be able to please everyone. It is not our mission, nor our goal to ignore anyone, to treat anyone as if they are not important or special, we simply do not have the staff available to handle the volumes of questions that come in that do not relate to SATCOMM or the products serviced by SATCOMM.

We are here to assist: 

Not every question addressed or answered!

We do not handle every issue nor do we handle every concern. This is a large world, with a lot of issues, and so we are a Limited Organization, meaning we can only address matters We personally as an Organization Offer.

You lost your Dog, Car, Homework?

So if you lost your Dog, Car, Homework or even if your mother won't let you stay up to watch the Simpsons this is not a SATCOMM related matter and or issue, you might be able to contact Dr. Phil or the Agents of SHIELD.

Our staff here at SATCOMM have dedicated themselves to helping...

Our staff here at SATCOMM have dedicated themselves to the helping of their Neighbor's, some of their neighbors have proven a little too reclusive and difficult to invite over for dinner. We say Don't walk on our grass they walk on our grass, dig up our grass and go as far as to object to our asking why? We say we CANNOT TELL A CLIENT OR CUSTOMER .... AND THEY KEEP ASKING.

We say that we are not affiliated with any Social Media Channels/Pages or sources except those referenced on our media Page, and Yet People continue to assume we are a portal to those venues.

So once again We cannot address every Question asked especially when the Question is Unrelated to what we offer and Have agreed to discuss! Thank you for the moment it took to read this Communication....

Address for non-registered/legal communication only!

Bonnie Lake Washington

Phone Not in service as we are currently training staff to handle the heavy volume of calls we thank you for your patience!

Office : +1-844-SATCOMM 
Office : +1 (844) 728 26 66


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