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Just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it fact

Just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it fact, just because someone stated it, doesn't make it a fact, just because someone says it's a fact, does not make it a fact.
You have to use sound judgment in determining what information is based on fact and what information is based on speculation, opinion, suggestion, theory, presumption, assumption, and or an idea.
This is important in this day and age where information is so perversely abundant, where misdirection and propaganda run amok. So please utilize sound judgment when you consider information, recognize its source, and do not go by your own personal prejudices because that will interfere with the analysis process.

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"Remedy can't be achieved it must be captured by lawful means."
The above statement is by necessity of necessity. For centuries man has been looking for remedies, but there is one thing that man has failed to understand, and it simply is everything is everything. A wise man once said there is nothing new under the sun, so there are no new strategies, no new remedies, no new methods, everything is foundational.

If you are a logger and you're looking to chop down a tree that is 20 feet tall you don't start at the top, you start at the foundation.
Balance is the key to life, without balance it is impossible for one to live.

  • Like the animals in this picture humans are looking for relief, but the only problem is, unlike animals we continue to get in our own way. Individuals are being suffocated by anxieties, stress, fear, pressures from within and pressures from with-out, what is it that they (Individuals) can do to be relieved of such stress?
  • Every battle involves a fight every fight involves a battle, but not every victory comes at a cost. Simply stating that if you want something you will have to fight for it, you will have to put forth some effort.
  • Our download section has been designed to help you find a remedy for whatever situation you may find the need to seek a remedy.  

These are not just statements they are facts, facts that must be taken seriously, or life and the experience of life will be extremely difficult.


The truth is 'everything had to have originated', if it is said to have come into existence. Energy, because it has no origin does not need to have a beginning, but man, and his laws, and his procedures, his policies, and his remedy all must, by necessity have foundations - they all have beginnings.

"Without the foundation the building does not stand!" 

So no matter what your situation, you have to understand your remedy will only manifest, if you understand the foundation of the situation.

How did it come about, and if there is a law when was this law passed, what was the surrounding situation when that law was passed, what were the remedies at the beginning?
Are you starting to get it?

That if someone tells you, you owe a debt, what you have to do is you have to understand what gives them the right to claim you owe a debt.

What are the laws surrounding an obligation to pay the debt? 

When did these laws come into effect?

Are there contrary laws or exceptions to the rule or loopholes that you get to utilize for your benefit?
Let's say you're dealing with the age of majority, let's say you feel you have to prove you've achieved the age of majority, how do you go about doing this?

The first thing you must understand is where the term “age of majority” comes from, thus studying its history and roots. Then you'll have to understand what were the laws originally concerning the age of majority? However, after you gather that understanding you'll have to figure out how those laws still apply today, and how you can utilize those laws for your benefit.
It would take too long to cover every area of every aspect of remedies available for people, so instead of people having to search the entire Internet for certain forms, documents, laws - we have taken it upon ourselves to help our fellow man, to help them educate themselves, and thus we have provided this form for such a repository of literary study and education.

As we have stated, the information contained in this section of our site was not produced directly by us, however, as a result of the right to educate another person, party, associate, coupled with freedom of speech, the right to an education which is fundamental in all civilized societies, and the right to be informed; we say that you cannot copyright law!

You cannot copyright words! You cannot copyright ideas! The statement that "there is nothing new under the sun," equates to a fact that no one can ever claim that they invented a word, invented a phrase, or invented a law; because somebody did it before that person at one point or point in time.

Just go and do your research about the ancient airports that they discovered that were prior to the 12th century BCE.
There are too many other aspects of reality to cover here but the information is provided for you to take with a grain of salt 'so to speak,' do your research, do your homework, don't just take the information at face value.

We hope that it will prove to be of some benefit to you in understanding the foundation of the matter for which you are investigating.

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